COVID-19 funding for NGOs: If not now, when?

On the Myanmar-Thailand border, the regular flow of migrants is becoming a vector of Covid-19 disease. For people living in urban Haiti, poor sanitation is driving up infection rates. In Senegal, street children face starvation during lockdown, as they are unable to forage for food.

The New Humanitarian, by Christina Bennett, 21 April 2020


How COVID-19 is affecting refugees

In Lebanon, Joahar Assaf, 40, shares a tent in an informal refugee camp with her daughter, her husband’s second wife, and six children.Assaf had breast cancer treatment last year and takes medication for that and for chronic heart problems and diabetes.A local NGO brought her these medications until national and local restrictions on movement limited the ability of aid workers to enter camps like hers, even though there were no documented cases of Covid-19.

The New Humanitarian, 21 April 2020


What is the impact of COVID-19 in informal settlements?

London School of Economics Blog, by Annie Wilkinson, 13 March 2020