POLAND – Ania’s thank you letter to Justyna

The trial of Justyna has had a lot of difficult moments, a lot of hard work and discomfort, which comes from the need to face the Polish justice system and watch representatives of organisations working against human rights. But there are also many wonderful and empowering moments: when you tell us that you are #JakJustyna, and you tell your stories when we see each other in court before each subsequent trial.

This is one of those stories — and we want to share it with you. After giving her testimony in court, Ania, the person to whom Justyna gave her abortion pills, sent a letter to Justyna. We have received her permission to share its contents with you:

“For many days I have imagined the moment when I will have to stand in front of you and look you straight in the eye. I wondered how I should behave and, above all, what I should say. What words to use to make them relevant to the situation. And I must admit that I could not find such words. After all, how much is human life worth? And how much is my life worth? Does it have any objective value at all? I cannot answer these questions. But I can say one thing. I want to live and I have someone to live for.

Therefore, I decided that in this situation, it would be best to use these simple words: “Thank you”. I’m sorry, but I really couldn’t find better words.

“Mrs. Justyna, thank you for the fact that in the most difficult moment of my life, when the closest and close people, as well as doctors – failed, you were the only one of the few who helped me.

Reading interviews with you in the media in connection with this case, I learned that in your opinion it was an expression of empathy. I am sorry, but I do not agree with you. No. It wasn’t an expression of empathy. It was an expression of humanity.

Because in a situation where people who had a moral obligation, and some of them also a legal obligation, to help me, stood aside washing their hands of it, you gave me your hand. It’s a really big thing. And I congratulate you on that.

Today, three years after those events, I am most moved by your words that, despite what has happened to you, you do not regret it and you would do the same thing again. I feel that these words have been addressed to me and I thank you for them. These are some of the most important words I’ve ever heard from another human being in my life. Thank you.

What’s next? On 14 March, the trial continues in the Warsaw court at Poligonowa 3, and Ania, Justyna and other abortion rights activists will be there to support each other on the last day of the hearing. You can learn more about the hearing at the websites below.

A ruling is expected to be handed down on 27 March 2023.

SOURCE: Ania’s letter, early March 2023