POLAND – Abortion activists deliver invoice to Polish government: you owe us €11.5m

Activists from Abortion Without Borders presented an invoice to the Polish government for the amount they’ve spent helping people in Poland have abortions.

Abortion Without Borders has spent more than €11.5m (PLN 49,104,011) in time and money to provide abortion access for Polish residents, without help from the government.

The presentation of the invoice took place at 10am, 11 April, ahead of scheduled parliamentary debates on four bills on abortion.

Although the Polish government does not provide abortion services, abortions are happening every day in Poland, with the costs being borne by the Abortion Without Borders Network, and other countries such as France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The Abortion Without Borders initiative began in 2019, but the nine groups in the network began working between 2006 and 2020. Abortion Without Borders calculated all the time and money (financial support) they have spent to provide abortion access for people residing in Poland during this time.

As of 10 April, this added up to:

– €5,684,958 (PLN 24,233,591) on abortion with pills

– €5,834,352 (PLN 24,870,420) on abortions in clinics and hospitals.

Since Abortion Without Borders launched in 2019, they have helped around 150,000 Polish women to access abortion. Every day roughly 120 of them self-manage their own abortion with pills, and seven travel to a clinic or hospital in another country.

It’s time to pay the bill!

SOURCE: Abortion Dream Team Newsletter, Aborcyjny Dług Polski – Aborcyjny Dream Team (adt.pl),10 April 2024