PHILIPPINES – New advocacy magazine by the Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR)

“At Pasya, as SRHR advocates, we believe that when women and girls have the access and capacity to use information, are aware of their rights and entitlements, and have the opportunity to voice their rights, they can effectively demand obligations from duty bearers to bring about change in policy and practice, and create a positive shift in social and – cultural norms and values so women and girls are free and able to make informed choices towards having safe and healthy sexual and reproductive health and lives, free from stigma, fear, and violence.

“Pasya aims to collect and share learnings and advocacy practices, and amplify the stories and demands of women, girls, and other vulnerable and marginalized groups.”

Some of the articles in this first edition include:

– Rapid Gender Assessment: Realities and Repercussions of COVID-19 on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights
– Working with Young People
– We successfully implemented a project that fights gender violence in the province!
– #GirlDefenders alliance lauds Senate approval of bill prohibiting child marriage
– The call to decriminalize abortion: an appeal to save women’s lives
– ‘Institutional violence is a potent stimulant of domestic violence’: An interview with Atty. Clara Rita Padilla

FULL PUBLICATION No. 1, February 2021