PERU – New protocol on legal abortion announced today, 28 May 2021

Image: Dra. Carla Vizotti

Today, 28 May, the Ministry of Health of Peru, Dra. Carla Vizzotti, will announce the Approval by Ministerial Resolution of the Protocol for the Comprehensive Care of People with the Right to Voluntary and Legal Termination of Pregnancy, within the Framework of the approved Law (Aprobación por Resolución Ministerial del Protocolo para la Atención Integral de las personas con derecho a la Interrupción Voluntaria y Legal del Embarazo, Ley 27.610).

CLACAI (Latin American Consortium against Unsafe Abortion) will send a letter to the Health Minister, Dra. Carla Vizzotti, congratulating her on the publication of this protocol.

The event will be virtual at 9am today, with an all-women list of speakers representing the government. Speakers will include the Legal & Technical Secretary of the President, Dra. Vilma Ibarra; the Minister for Women, Gender & Diversity, Dra. Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta; and the Minister of Health, Dra. Carla Vizzotti.

The presentation of the Protocol will be made by the National Director of Sexual and Reproductive Health, Ms Valeria Isla.

This will be followed by some words from the Minister of Health of the Province of Entre Ríos, Sonia Velázquez; the Minister of Women of the Province of Buenos Aires, Estela Díaz; and the representative of the NGO Catholics for the Right to Decide, Marta Alanís.

SOURCE: Susana Chavez, Directora General, Centro de Promoción y Defensa de los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos – Promsex, Peru. E-mail: 27 May 2021 ; PHOTO