Paediatric pathologist quits over Northern Ireland’s abortion law

Dr Caroline Gannon, a paediatric pathologist, has resigned over NI’s abortion law in relation to fatal fetal abnormality. Northern Irish women with a diagnosis of serious fetal anomaly who seek an abortion are forced to travel outside Northern Ireland for it. If they want a pathology report on the baby afterwards, they have to find their own way to bring its body back to Northern Ireland, where Dr Gannon was one of the two pathologists doing these examinations.She said the final straw was when she had to advise a couple to use a picnic cooler bag to return their baby’s remains to NI for examination following an abortion in England. “I just felt I was acting unethically by taking part in this system where parents are denied a voice in what happens to their baby,” she said.SOURCES + VISUAL: BBC, by Marie-Louise Connolly, 14 September 2016 + BBC, 14 September 2016