NORTHERN IRELAND SOLIDARITY REQUEST – Please give a donation to put pro-choice billboards near abortion clinics

Alliance for Choice (AfC) have a new fundraiser – please contribute!! The aim is for pro-choice billboards to be placed around the whole country, and specifically, close to abortion clinics. “We do not want to escalate the harassment outside the clinics,” said Emma Campbell, “but we want women and pregnant people to feel supported.” They are campaigning for buffer zones around clinics, to prevent harassment of women and health professionals, but meanwhile they want to remind abortion seekers that Northern Ireland supports their choices.

Please donate and share this message and this YouTube video with your networks to help AfC reach their funding goal. The billboards they have planned, with the design and printing included, will cost about £5,000. They had received £2,261 as of 25 August. Please help them raise all the money by 28 August 2021!!!

Whilst the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland has said he will direct commissioning of abortion services, the First Minister has said he will resist. AfC need to counter the negative and harmful messaging from anti-choice politicians and protest organisations. PLEASE DONATE HERE

Since decriminalisation, they have witnessed a sharp increase in anti-choice ‘protesters’ who harass those who need and use abortion healthcare facilities, as well abuse healthcare staff and other people accessing day-to-day medical care in the same clinics. They use traumatising images and misinformation which can be stigmatising and frightening.

The billboards will provide a different message.  PLEASE DONATE HERE