NETHERLANDS – D66 wants to promote abortion as a right across Europe

The Dutch political party D66 (Democrats 66), a governing coalition member, wants the Netherlands to promote abortion as a right across Europe and make the country a “safe haven” for international abortion. According to D66 MPs Sjoerd Sjoerdsma and Wieke Paulusma, this will be possible if access to abortion is declared a human right in the European Union’s Charter of Fundamental Rights. Going forward, the D66 MPs will submit an initiative memorandum to the Dutch House of Representatives.

In July 2022, the European Parliament called for the right to abortion to be included in the Charter of Fundamental Rights, saying that member states must guarantee access to safe, legal, and free abortion services.

One of D66’s major aims is for abortion to be made free everywhere through subsidies. The party believes the Netherlands can be a leading example for paving the way for internationally legalised abortion.

SOURCE: Euractiv, by Sofia Stuart Leeson, 14 November 2022