MEXICO – The local congress of Aguascalientes partially decriminalised abortion in December 2023. This has already become law!

Images from left to right: Abortion has been decriminalised at the federal level. Aguascalientes has decriminalised abortion.      

As GIRE reported in September, on 30 August, the First Chamber of the Mexican Supreme Court analysed the amparo trial presented at the beginning of 2022 by GIRE, together with CECADEC, TERFU A. C. and Cultivando Género, against the regulation of abortion in the local Penal Code. In an unprecedented decision, the Court ruled that the state has the obligation to provide abortion services and the local Congress must repeal the articles declared unconstitutional.

On 14 December, the local representatives complied with the Court’s order and approved, in a private voting session, a reform to decriminalise abortion up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. Thus, Aguascalientes is now the 12th Mexican state that has partially decriminalised abortion in Mexico!

In November 2023, GIRE participated in the extraordinary session of the “10 years of Montevideo Consensus”, which was held during the Fifth Meeting of the Presiding Officers of the Regional Conference of Population and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, in Santiago de Chile.

Later, on the first day of January, they were notified of the ruling’s official text of their legal stay against the Federal Penal Code, analysed by the SCJN in September, in which the Court ordered the Federal Congress to repeal the crime of abortion in the next period of sessions.

As in previous proceedings, GIRE will closely monitor the authorities’ compliance with the judgment. At the end of the meeting, GIRE and other civil society organisations signed a political declaration which warns about the persistent barriers to women’s autonomy in Latin America and the Caribbean, despite the recent advancements to prevent sexual violence and promote comprehensive sex education.

See also the blog “Montevideo: Un Consenso” (Montevideo: A Consensus, in English), by Fernanda Castro, Social Advocacy Officer.

SOURCE: GIRE’S Newsletter, 27 February 2024