MEXICO – Grupo de Informacion en Reproduccion Elegida: Annual Report 2023

Preparing it, we celebrated that 2023 was an exceptional year. Our victories in the decriminalisation of abortion and the advancement of the Green Tide filled us with joy and hope, as they were the result of joint hard work together with organisations, collectives, and members of the feminist movement. In particular, we highlight the decriminalisation of abortion in Aguascalientes and at the federal level! But that’s not all — we also made significant progress in promoting reproductive rights and justice for everyone.

We rocked the Supreme Court! Our legal strategy, in collaboration with local organisations and collectives, has achieved amazing results in the fight to eliminate the articles criminalising elective abortion from the penal codes. At the end of August and September, respectively, the Mexican Court declared the absolute prohibition of abortion in both the Aguascalientes’s Penal Code and Federal Penal Code unconstitutional, and ordered the repeal of the corresponding articles from each legal norm.

We also mobilized institutions to defend reproductive rights. During 2023, we accompanied 218 cases in 29 states across the country. Thanks to our efforts, we were able to secure comprehensive reparations measures in 36 of them, and we obtained dozens of rulings and recommendations from human rights defence institutions that contribute to the access to justice for women and persons, including their relatives.

We also rocked the Congresses! We worked intensively to influence the creation of laws and public policies that guarantee reproductive rights. In collaboration with Cultivando Género, TERFU A.C. and Morras Help Morras, we successfully advocated for the decriminalization of abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy in the Congress of Aguascalientes, in compliance with the Court’s ruling.

Lastly, we worked to change the narratives of major media outlets, including El País, The New York Times, and BBC News, among others, so that they address reproductive justice issues without stigma! The focus is on health, human rights and justice.