Media campaign: increase youth-friendly health facilities and services in Uganda

For the last two months, Reach a Hand and Trac FM have been engaged in a multi-sectoral media campaign calling on policy makers to commit to increasing the number of youth-friendly health facilities and to include monitoring of youth-friendly health services in the national Adolescent Health Policy.

They also conducted three polls that had 9,506 responses in total, complimented by an online expert discussion on Telegram to discuss issues affecting young people. Here is what they found out;

Which health service is most required by adolescents in your community?
Among the 2,838 respondents, 44% said youth need information and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, 19% said psychosocial care for sexual or substance abuse, 13% said provision of maternity care for teenage pregnancies, 13% said provision of family planning services, and 11% said information on youth health rights.

How effective is the provision of youth friendly health services in reducing the rates of teenage pregnancy?

Of the 3,386 responses, 30% said very effective, 43% said somewhat effective, and 27% said not effective at all.

What would stop you from seeking medical treatment for a sexually transmitted disease?

Of 3,273 responses, 27.3% said they don’t trust health workers, 24.5% don’t feel comfortable talking to a health worker of the opposite sex, 14.7% don’t want to be judged by health workers, 14.6% said services are very far and 07.7% don’t know where to seek medical treatment.

To disseminate their findings, they have held 21 radio shows on eight radio stations across the country – Radio Wa, Nenah FM, Mega FM, Pacis FM, Delta FM, Hunter FM, Simba FM and Hits FM.

They also shared the findings with teachers and students as well as their partners at the #BetterLife4Girls  tweet up that they had at the Hana International School-Uganda. Lastly, for now at least, they have a set of advocacy meetings lined up where the findings will also be shared.

SOURCE: Reach a Hand and Trac FM, 30 May 2017