MALTA – Voice for Choice coalition warns against more restrictions to already restricted abortion bill

The Voice for Choice coalition of Malta said Bill 28, which will decriminalise abortion if a woman’s life or health is at risk, should be passed as it is, and that any other legal obligations placed on doctors will be of no clinical benefit to the patient.
Voice for Choice said it was concerned over further restrictions being suggested to Bill 28 in the face of public (anti-abortion) backlash. Abortion in all other circumstances will remain illegal and punishable by prison for both the woman and medical personnel who carry out or assist in the abortion.

Bill 28 is opposed by the Nationalist Party, the church, pro-life organisations and several well-known personalities such as president emeritus Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca and former TV presenter Peppi Azzopardi. President George Vella is also against the Bill and has intimated that he will not sign it into law and would resign.

SOURCE: Malta Today, by Kurt Sansone, 16 January 2023 + PHOTO (no credit)