Main points of the Chilean law reform bill: legal abortion on three grounds

In Chile, the second phase of consideration of the draft law “Legal termination of pregnancy on three grounds” has begun. It was approved by the Chamber of Deputies in February 2016. The bill is currently in the Health Committee of the Chilean Senate, who it is feared may delay the process for the rest of this year. The human rights group Corporación MILES has produced a booklet outlining the key points in the draft law. These include the principles that the law establishes regarding women’s right to have a legal abortion if there is a risk to her life, in cases of fetal anomaly or the pregnancy is a result of rape. It outlines the principles established in the bill, the overarching one being that as long as one of the three grounds is met, no one can interfere or take legal action against the woman’s decision. They go on to outline the responsibility of the health system established by the law, which include the provision of information, the right of the woman to be accompanied throughout the process, and where rape is the reason for the abortion, they must provide the woman with the information she needs to file charges against the perpetrator. Lastly, they explain how conscientious objection is regulated.Read the full report here (in Spanish).