La Femme Fetal: a song by Digable Planets

Here are part of the lyrics from this 1993 song by Digable Planets:It was 8:49 on a beautiful 9th day of July…”Hey butterfly”, the voice saidSlip on some duds comb out your fro and slide on down to my padThe vibe here is very pleasant and I truly request your presenceA problem of great magnitude has arose and as we speak it grows…”You remember my boyfriend Sid that fly kid who I loveWell our love was often a verb and spontaneity has brought a thirdBut due to our youth an economic state, we wish to terminateAbout this we don’t feel great, but baby that’s how it is…Hey beautiful bird, I said digging her sombre moodThe fascists are some heavy dudesThey don’t really give a damn about lifeThey just don’t want a woman to control her bodyOr have the right to choose but baby that ain’t nothin’They just want a male finger on the button…Hey pro-lifers should dig themselves ’cause life doesn’t stop after birthAnd for child borne to the unprepared it might even just get worseThe situation surely change if they will find themselves in itSupporters of the h-bomb and fire bombing clinicWhat type of shit is that? Orwellian in fact……So whatever you decide make that move with prideRhythms and sounds, spinning aroundConfrontations across the nationYour block, my block, dreadlocks what a shockLand of the free but not meNot me, not me, not me, not meNot me, not me, not me, not meWATCH THEM PERFORM IT: MORE: Digable Planets – La Femme Fetal Lyrics | MetroLyrics