1) Her Choice? A documentary about the reality of abortion in Kenya, based on personal stories

Under the She Makes Her Safe Choice Programme in Kenya, Rutgers NL and their partners –  Reproductive Health Network Kenya, DKT Kenya, Shujaaz Inc, Ipas Africa Alliance, and Women First Digital – are working together to ensure as many women and girls as possible have access to information on their sexual and reproductive health and rights, and have access to quality products and services.

This documentary shows the impact of unsafe abortion through the experiences of six women, and explores a reality where women have access to a safe, legal abortion and are provided with the opportunity to make an informed and safe choice. It is part of the groups’ effort to break down the stigma and fear that is still very present around the issue of abortion. It will be used in Kenya predominantly as an advocacy and awareness-raising tool. It can be found on this website and Twitter.

2) The link between unsafe abortions and Covid-19

This documentary shows why the pressure on health services, reduced access to contraception, increases in domestic violence, and uncertain economic conditions due to Covid-19 may lead to an increase in (unsafe) abortions. The video calls on local leaders and government to ensure that the health of women and girls is not forgotten. It says self-managed medical abortion is safe and can be used at home via telemedicine. The video can be found on YouTube, 10 June 2020.

SOURCE: E-mail from Rutgers NL, 7 December 2020