KENYA – Documentary: Save us from death due to unsafe abortion | Tuko TV 

Fetuses in plastic bags thrown on dumping sites are not uncommon in the slums in Kenya. And thousands of women die every year because they can find only unsafe abortion procedures from quacks and they too are left to die.

This is a 50-minute documentary by the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) and TUKO TV (a Kenyan online news and entertainment website that includes user-generated news), with Lynn Ngugi, an experienced Kenyan digital media producer, who interviews a number of young women who had had unsafe abortions. These young women give accounts of how they got pregnant, all the factors that pushed them to terminate the pregnancy, including the unwillingness of the (young) men who got them pregnant to show any interest in what happened to them, rejection by their mother in one case, having to drop out of school, suffering serious pain and complications from unsafe abortion (one was in hospital for two months), and how their lives had been changed forever. The film asks the question, will provision of safe abortion be the solution to this problem, as these young women plead? In the second part of the video a FIDA lawyer is also interviewed.

YouTube Documentary (50 minutes) –  almost 43,000 views by 9 November 2021