JORDAN – Roundtable and position paper on abortion

Share-Net in Jordan reports: “Following the roundtable meeting on abortion held in Jordan in April 2018, several follow-up meetings were attended by 26 experts representing concerned government, civil society and international organizations. With their input, a position paper on abortion in Jordan was drafted. The paper explains the grounds upon which the position is based including religious opinions (fatwas) and resolutions of the Jordanian Iftaa Board of the General Ifta Department, which is identified by law as the central agency responsible for issuing fatwa on public matters. The position paper mentions the prevalence of abortion in Jordan and the current legal and religious framework for dealing with abortion. As well as, the policies that address unsafe abortion and policy rationale and recommendations for reducing unsafe abortion in Jordan. Moreover, the position paper explains that abortion is prohibited and criminalised by law. Currently, abortion may only be performed on medical grounds before the fetus is 120 days and only when the fetus has no chance of a stable life after birth. The Jordanian Iftaa Board handles abortion of pregnancies resulting from incest on a case-by-case basis and issues fatwa to serve the common good.”

SOURCE/PHOTO: Share-Net in Jordan, Share-Net International Newsletter, October 2018