JAPAN SOLIDARITY REQUEST – Please send us your opinion on the safety of medical abortion pills

Dear all,

We found out that each of the Ishikawa Prefectural Assembly, one of Japan’s 47 prefectures, and Kanazawa City, the prefectural capital of Ishikawa, had submitted a letter of opinion to the Japanese government last month to curb the approval of abortion pills before the review of abortion pills scheduled on March 24. [The review was postponed.]

Both local assemblies expressed concern about the safety of abortion pills, saying they were “known to cause massive bleeding and bacterial infections that require surgery”,[which are both false], and urged the government to conduct a careful review.

Since both opinion letters are in Japanese, we have posted the English translations on our blog. We would appreciate it if you could read through them and give us your opinions as a foreign expert. You can find a link below to the Google form to respond. A short but impactful response would be most welcome. 

Opinion of the Prefectural Assembly

Opinion of the City Assembly

Google Form for your opinion

SOURCE: Kumi Tsukahara, Kazane Kajiya, Reproductive Health & Rights Literacy Laboratory, Japan, E-mail 21 March 2023 & ff.