Jail for man who tried to give abortion pills to girl aged 15 he had sex with

The Straits Times | Elena Chong | 20 February 2016http://news.asiaone.com/news/crime/jail-man-who-tried-give-abortion-pills-girl-he-had-sexA man who tried to give abortion pills to a 15-year-old girl after getting her pregnant was jailed for 20 months. The man, aged 24, was arrested before he could give her the tablets. The two had had a relationship for several months, which he ended in July last year. When she found out she was pregnant in August, he asked her to go for an abortion. He enlisted the help of his sister to buy “abortion pills” but he was arrested before he could hand them to her.The man pleaded guilty to three counts of underage sex with the girl in May and July last year. Seven other charges were taken into consideration.According to the newspaper, the Director of Public Prosecutions highlighted the trauma the victim had to go through with an unwanted pregnancy. She said: “His callous treatment of the victim and his assistance in providing these ‘abortion pills’… must be taken as a reflection of his attitude towards the victim, and how little he was concerned about her welfare.” However, the girl did have an abortion of her own accord.