Italy decriminalises abortion but increases the fine for “clandestine use”

The Italian Council of Ministers has approved a legislative decree depenalising abortion. However, fines for clandestine abortion (presumably self-use of abortion pills) have been increased astronomically. If the decree is passed by the parliament, women would be liable to a fine of €5,000- 10,000 against the current amount of only €51. The decree must be approved by the Senate and the Italian Parliament by the summer of next year.The Italian network of women’s associations against violence (Donne in rete contro la violenza) has mounted a campaign to protest against this decree, because it “puts the lives of women in danger as they will be afraid to present to a hospital in case of problems after a clandestine [sic] abortion”.. The groups mobilised social networks in the country with a mass tweetathon and with petitions. An open letter was addressed to the President of the Italian Council, Matteo Renzi, and to the Minister of Health, Beatrice Lorenzin, calling for withdrawal of this increase in the fine, describing it as a major error, not least because in Italy it is already very difficult to have an abortion “legally and safely”, since 70% of doctors claim conscientious objection.