IPPF – Medical Abortion Commodities Database

With the Covid-19 pandemic causing global supply chain disruption, many providers of safe abortion care are finding themselves needing to seek alternate solutions to procuring medical abortion commodities. It is vital that quality is not compromised during this crisis and that medical abortion is provided using quality drugs and accurate information.

IPPF remains committed to ensuring access to information on the availability of quality medical abortion. Our Medical Abortion Commodities Database (www.MedAb.org) contains information on medical abortion products in 100 countries, including 20 brands of good quality misoprostol and 14 brands of good quality combi-packs (mifepristone and misoprostol). The database has seen a spike in users since March, signalling the importance of access to accurate information and quality medical abortion during a time when barriers to accessing safe abortion are increasing for many women all over the world. (Read more here on IPPF’s website).

We urge partners and others in the medical abortion field to get in touch with any new or updated information you may have. Together, we can continue to fill a knowledge gap and ensure the best possible care for those choosing a medical abortion.

CONTACT: Catherine Kilfedder, Senior Programme Adviser, Global Comprehensive Abortion Care Initiative, IPPF. E-mail: ckilfedder@ippf.org