IPPF – Medical Abortion Commodities Database now available in four languages!

The Medical Abortion Commodities Database is a comprehensive database of quality medical abortion medications, with information about the types and brands of pills that are available in 120 countries around the world. The database currently contains 30 misoprostol brands, 35 mifepristone brands, and 20 combi-pack brands.

There had been user feedback that 98% of those who were accessing the site spoke English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, so recent work has been done to expand the language availability to those four languages.

Given the wide body of evidence documenting the challenges with degradation of misoprostol, this database only includes misoprostol products that have been internationally quality assured, or that have evidence on stability and content of the products. It includes combipacks where the misoprostol component meets such quality standards.

If there is a product not listed for a particular country, it is because either a) the product is misoprostol or a combipack and does not have sufficient evidence to indicate it is of good quality; or b) it was not identified during extensive data collection exercises.

The website includes analyses related to price, availability and accessibility of medical abortion commodities. There are a range of useful websites with information on how to access abortion information and care around the world.

If you have information about a product that is available (or not) in a particular country, IPPF would love to hear from you. Please send information using the form at: https://medab.org/contact

SOURCE: https://medab.org/