IPAS: A practical guide for partnering with police on abortion

A practical guide for partnering with police on abortionThe guide is for trainers and abortion rights advocates who want to engage with the police. Ipas Ghana forged police partnerships in response to the arrest of a trained abortion provider in 2009 and other Ipas offices followed suit. The guidebook draws from the experiences of Ipas and others in bridging law enforcement and stigmatized and public health issues. Steps for beginning work with police are outlined in the guide, which also provides a sample two-day workshop programme, with detailed activities and PowerPoint presentations.Betraying women: provider duty to reportThe provider ̶-patient confidentiality relationship is eroding as an alarming number of medical staff across Latin America are reporting women and girls to the police for having abortions. Many countries now require, protect or encourage medical providers to breach their confidentiality duties when they treat women seeking post-abortion care. This publication covers the three main ways health care providers are compelled to breach confidentiality, based on the Latin American laws governing provider obligations in relation to abortion. It details how these laws have an impact on both providers and women, and lists the many international bodies, declarations and consensus documents that establish standards for protecting patient confidentiality. Finally, it provides recommendations for international human rights bodies, governments and health care professionals on women’s right to confidentiality and providers’ ethical obligation to uphold that right.