INTERNATIONAL SAFE ABORTION DAY: 28 SEPTEMBER 2023 – First activity announcement from Australia +++ Western Australia’s (WA) abortion laws set for a major overhaul

First announcement of an activity for Safe Abortion Day this year from Australia

Children by Choice proudly presents an extraordinary evening of film, inspiration, and action on the propitious occasion of International Safe Abortion Day.

Immerse yourself in the gripping tale of “Annie’s Fire” — an award-winning French film and a thought-provoking cinematic masterpiece that dares to shed light on the crucial issue of reproductive rights. Follow Annie, a fearless young woman, as she confronts societal barriers, fights for her autonomy, and embarks on a powerful journey of self-discovery.

Join us in creating a tangible impact. Your attendance at this fundraising event will contribute directly to organisations dedicated to advocating for reproductive health directly as 50% of your ticket sales will go directly to our Abortion Access Fund.

On Thursday 28th September… Together, let’s raise our voices, challenge stigma, and promote a society that champions reproductive justice.

SOURCE: International Safe Abortion Day CbyC’s Movie Fundraiser | Humanitix


Western Australia’s (WA) abortion laws set for a major overhaul

WA’s abortion laws are set for their first shake-up in 25 years. Reforms just introduced into parliament aim at streamlining access to abortion and bringing the laws into line with other Australian states, and make abortion essentially a decision for women and women alone, tabled by Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson, including:

  • Removing the need to be referred for an abortion by a doctor
  • Removing the need for mandatory counselling
  • Requiring doctors who “conscientiously object” to refer patients to doctors who offer services
  • Moving the legal provisions out of the WA Criminal Code.

“Women go from GP to GP to GP seeking assistance for a medical abortion, for example. By the time they’ve cycled around several doctors who are… unwilling to prescribe it, they’ve reached the gestational limit for a medical abortion. They then need hundreds of dollars for a surgical abortion and still need to find another GP to refer them to the clinic. So we’re removing those early on barriers…,” she said.

Currently, women needing an abortion after 20 weeks require the approval of a panel of doctors they’ll likely never meet. The bill would abolish that panel and raise the time limit to 23 weeks. However, the woman’s doctor will still be required to consult another doctor who will need to agree.

WA was the first Australian state to decriminalise abortions in 1998, but that came with compromises, which remain in the legislation. In the wake of events in the USA, the WA government committed to looking into updating its legislation and circulated a survey that got 17,514 responses. Between 63% and 72% of respondents supported almost all the proposed changes. Very few were unsure of what they thought.

SOURCE: ABCNet Australia, by Keane Bourke, 21 June 2023 + PHOTO by David Weber, ABC News