INTERNATIONAL SAFE ABORTION DAY – 28 September 2021 – Reporting Your Activities in the Campaign Newsletter, Website and Social Media

Dear Campaign members and supporters,

Every year in the past five years we have published 4-5 newsletters in October with reports of your 28 September activities, statements, publications, social media activities, meetings and webinars in more than one language and then posted them on our website. There has always been a newsletter listing all the press and media attention given to 28 September round the world as well.

We want to publish all your reports again this year, in English, French or Spanish if possible but you can send others too! BUT we are asking you to send your reports no later than 11 October – EITHER before the 28th OR right afterwards (but not both).

PLEASE SEND YOUR REPORTS directly to me, Marge Berer

MEDIA REPORTS – Please also send articles and photos published in your local, national or international media – in all languages. Include the name of the publication or website with a weblink, and if it is in a non-Western alphabet like Russian or Japanese, send a JPEG photo of the report, the name of the media source and the date, if possible in English.

Reports should include one (or at most two) visuals and no more than 200-300 words. Please provide the name of your country, your group or institution, and an email, a weblink and/or a social media address as the source.