International Planned Parenthood Federation – Client-Centred Clinical Guidelines for Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare

A comprehensive approach to sexual and reproductive health and rights is critical to ensuring sexual and reproductive well-being and bodily autonomy. The full continuum of care must be accessible across a life cycle. Sexual and reproductive health includes not only prevention and treatment of disease, but promotion of healthy and satisfying sexuality and reproduction. This means going beyond contraception, abortion, and treatment of sexually transmitted infections including HIV, to inclusion of sexual health, assisted reproductive care, and recognition of the range of gender expression. A new International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) strategy 2022–2028 is being developed to guide the collective work of IPPF and its Member Associations. It prioritizes person-centred care and recommends investments in self-care and new healthcare delivery models that are adapted to clients’ needs in different circumstances and contexts, especially reaching those who are excluded and marginalized…. Dr Alvaro Bermejo, Director-General IPPF

Chapter 1: Guiding principles and approaches

Chapter 2: Facility requirements and client history/examination

Chapter 3: Counselling

Chapter 4: Contraception

Chapter 5: Abortion care

Chapter 6: Sexually transmitted infections

Chapter 7: HIV

Chapter 8: Gynaecology & other reproductive health care

Chapter 9: Maternal health

Chapter 10: Sexual and gender-based violence

Chapter 11: Sexual and reproductive health care delivery in humanitarian settings