Abortion movement holds virtual events to mark 15 years of campaigning

The National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion was launched on 28 May 2005 with a petition to deliver to the Congress alongside a huge march with participants from all over the country. This year, to mark 15 years of campaigning, there were many virtual events. On 27 May, the e-news site Télam published a report summarising the history of those years of campaigning along with a visual page with a green scarf for each year, each summarising in a few words what took place in that year. Here are the first three and the most recent two years as examples:

Current law Artículo 86 of 1921, National conference 2003, Campaign to get signatures 2005

The Campaign’s proposed law reform bill is tabled and debated in the Congress in 2019. President Fernández announces he will table a new law reform bill before the end of 2020.

SOURCE: Té, by Solange Levinton, 27 May 2020