International Day of Action for Women’s Health: Celebrate women’s health and lives 28 May 2017!!

Celebrate women’s health and lives !!!

We call for positive action and unbending resistance to every attempt to turn the clock back and to wage war on women.

We call on the new Director General of WHO and Ministers of Health currently in the World Health Assembly to acknowledge 28 May and 28 September, International Safe Abortion Day, as symbolic markers of women’s right to life and health !!!

We call on the United Nations, the European Union and all national governments to follow in the footsteps of the ‘She Decides’ Initiative and commit increased funding and human resources to global public health, including for sexual and reproductive health – and including for safe abortion !!! 

We call for redoubled efforts to consign all preventable maternal mortality to history, including deaths from complications of unsafe abortion !!!

 Safe abortion is essential women’s health care!!! What part will you play ???

Let’s redouble our efforts to campaign for ‘Safe Abortion : Women’s Right’ in 2017 !!!

International Safe Abortion Day, 28 September

Let’s make it bigger than ever !!!

Let’s make it official !!!


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