USA – The overturning of Roe v. Wade has created a complicated world of inter-jurisdictional legal conflicts over abortion

However, the vote goes on 8 November, the overturning of Roe v. Wade has created a complicated world of novel, unending inter-jurisdictional legal conflicts over abortionIn a paper due to be published formally next year, summarised in detail in this PBS report, two legal scholars point out that anti-abortion lawmakers will not only restrict abortion in their own jurisdictions but try to extend their influence beyond state lines by attempting to “impose civil or criminal liability on those who travel out of state for abortion care or on those who provide such care or facilitate its access”. Conversely, lawmakers in states that support abortion rights will seek to expand abortion access and “pass laws that protect their providers from legal sanctions after helping out-of-state residents obtain care”.Thrown into this mix, abortion pills open up the door for self-managed abortion care.SOURCE: PBS, by Kenichi Serino, 13 October 2022[Editor’s note: You can read the rest of this long, clearly argued article yourself. The storyline is pretty obvious. The US Supreme Court has created an insane situation, and total chaos already reigns. It will ensure that legal experts will never be unemployed again, but will die young from stress and overwork and the constantly changing landscape of what is legal when it comes to abortion, where, when and for whom, and what is not legal. Activists will take action. Normal people will get very discouraged and as always, we will look after ourselves and each other as best we can. But whatever happens, women will continue to need abortions. And they will have them − one way or another.]