INDIA – Two new reports from the YP Foundation

Youth friendliness of abortion services

Although abortion is largely legalised in India through the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act (MTP) 1971, it continues to be underpinned by religious, moral, ethical and socio-cultural concerns. Fear of judgement from service providers, ambiguities of medico-legal restrictions, lack of privacy and confidentiality in health facilities can, however influence young abortion seekers to opt for unsafe methods of abortion. This report aims to analyse the evidence on the status of abortion services for young people generated by ten fellows from seven states in India.

Abortion stigma in Delhi NCR

While a vast amount of research on understanding abortion stigma has been conducted globally, there is limited existing work on stigma in the Indian context. A majority of current research in India continues to focus on understanding the laws, policies, and access to abortion services. But abortions stigma leads to discrimination against women in every sphere of their lives, including socio-economic, political and even accessing medical spaces and services.

This study was conducted to address this gap and explored abortion stigma through a socio-cultural lens. This study was a qualitative exploratory study to understand the perception of abortion stigma particularly among young people in Delhi NCR. The research aims to understand young peoples’ perception regarding abortion, their awareness of abortion related services and laws, prevalent myths and misconceptions, and sources of stigma around abortion.

FULL REPORTS: Youth-friendliness of abortion services and Abortion stigma in Delhi NCR