INDIA – Pharmacy employee arrested for illegal sale of a dangerous addictive drug, but also abortion pills

The accused man, age 33, a part-time employee at a chemist’s in Undri, was found selling two types of drugs illegally: medical abortion pills (7 kits) and mephentermine (8 vials), a synthetic derivative of of amphetamine with cardiac stimulatory action, which is being misused by bodybuilders to boost endurance. Its use can result in psychosis, cardiovascular disorder and development of tolerance and dependence over time. An offence was registered against him for “the sale of a noxious substance, endangering life or personal safety of others, and causing hurt by means of poison”. These labels are accurate regarding mephentermine. Mephentermine by injection is a new addiction in India, especially amongst youth who work out in gyms.

Why medical abortion pills should be treated in the same way as mephentermine is not explained, since they are safe and are sold widely in chemists in many parts of India. But two Indian Food and Drug Administration officials said sale of both drugs without a prescription is banned under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940.

The photograph above is just one from a full page of advertisements for mephentermine in India found on Google.

SOURCE: Hindustan Times, by Vicky Pathare, 4 June 2023