In Memoriam James Trussell

 Prof. James Trussell passed away after a short illness on 26 December 2018, age only 69.
He made innumerable contributions to the collective understanding of contraception, including and especially emergency contraception. He authored hundreds of articles, testified before the US Food & Drug Administration, presented his work all over the world, and answered hundreds of individual questions from visitors to the Not-2-Late website on emergency contraception that he set up. When he published on abortion he linked the issues to unintended pregnancy and contraceptive use issues. A look at his publications in PubMed show five articles in 2018 and eight in 2017 alone. His colleague Kelly Cleland at Princeton University, where he taught, writes that “He showed an unwavering commitment to improving knowledge about and access to contraception for women as the hallmark of a long, distinguished and prolific career. We are profoundly grateful for James’s contributions.”