ICPD+25 NAIROBI – International Campaign Panel, 13 November 2019

ICPD+25 is taking place in Nairobi, Kenya, on 12-13-14November 2019. Two of the Campaign coordination team will be representing usthere: Shilpa Shroff and Christina Boateng.

We invite you to our panel, one of only two NGO panels onabortion:

Universal Access to Safe Abortion: Leaving No One Behind

Date/Time:Wednesday, 13 November 13:00-14:30

The ICPD Programme of Action acknowledged morbidity and mortality fromunsafe abortion as a serious public health problem. This panel will focus onwhy it is critical to make safe abortion universally accessible if we want toachieve zero preventable maternal deaths. Panellists will argue that motherhoodmust be voluntary, which means safe abortion should be treated as a legitimateform of healthcare, available on request from public health services, in linewith WHO best practice guidelines. The panel will review the evidence onunintended and unwanted pregnancy globally. We will show that 25 years on, itis clear that increases in the use of contraception and provision ofpost-abortion care alone, without make abortions safe and legal, have not andwill not prevent unwanted pregnancies or complications and deaths from unsafeabortion. The session will focus on how countries must fulfil ICPD’scommitments on women’s health and rights through universal access to safeabortion.

The panel is convened by the International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion, with Global Doctors for Choice, Young Activist Network for Abortion Advocacy, Asian-Pacific Resources and Research Centre for Women, Consortio Latinoamericano contra el Aborto Inseguro, Ipas Africa Alliance, Groupe Tawhida Ben Cheikh Tunisia, and La Mesa por la Vida y la Salud de las Mujeres Colombia.