HAITI / LEBANON / AFGHANISTAN – Addressing the crises in Haiti, Lebanon, and Afghanistan

Within recent days and weeks, humanitarian crises have escalated in Haiti, Lebanon, and Afghanistan.

In an effort to elevate the voices and work of local actors, IAWG is compiling a list of community-based organizations serving sexual and reproductive health and rights in Haiti and Lebanon.

IAWG is also compiling statements  from member organizations related to the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan and will share relevant statements and messaging on our website.

Amplifying community-based organizations in Haiti and Lebanon
IAWG recognizes that community-based organizations are on the frontlines of serving the sexual and reproductive health needs of their communities, particularly in crises.

To amplify the work of these local leaders, we are asking IAWG members to submit recommendations of CBOs advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights in Haiti and Lebanon. A working list of CBOs will be featured in the upcoming September 2021 edition of IAWG Insider and available on respective emergency pages.

Please click on the country to share CBOs for inclusionHaitiLebanonAfghanistan

Note that IAWG will not be publishing any information regarding CBOs working in-country.

SOURCE: IAWG Newsletter, 30 August 2021