I. Online course for health care providers in Latin America on midwifery and task-sharing

Gynuity’s one-day training developed for public sector health providers in Mexico, has been adapted as an online course. It is conducted in Spanish by a team of multidisciplinary facilitators from Mexico and divided into three modules of 75 minutes each. It will take place in May 2019. Details about the course and how to sign up are available en español aqui.

II. Medical abortion telemedicine pilot study in Mexico

Gynuity has been working to develop a medical abortion telemedicine model for Mexico’s health systems that would increase access to abortion care close to home. This model was developed following a review of national telemedicine and health regulations with collaborators and telehealth experts from public and private sectors. This month, they are training private sector clinics to implement a protocol to assess the safety, acceptability and feasibility of this distance care model. The primary components are:

  • Clinical consultations and administrative interactions by telephone and internet;
  • Medications mailed directly to the woman;
  • Ancillary services, such as tests to confirm length of pregnancy and abortion completion, received near the woman

This initiative is an extension of their work in the USA that includes the creation of, a medical abortion telemedicine project operating in eight US states. They are also actively exploring viable models in other contexts.

SOURCE: Gynuity Health Projects Newsletter, March 2019