GUATEMALA – Sexual and reproductive health needs assessment for migrant girls and women in Peten, Guatemala

Project of integrated care for migrant and refugee girls and women in Petén, Guatemala

Feminist, activist and defender of women’s human rights and youth, with a degree in Social Work, Diploma in Women’s Human Rights and Public Management, Diploma in Social Research, currently Executive Director of Asociación TAN UX’IL and Representative of the Observatory on Reproductive Health in Petén, Guatemala. She began working with uprooted women in the department of Petén at the age of 17, and later worked with public institutions carrying out social and health care projects aimed at rural women and girls.

This video was produced by the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition with TAN UX’IL and ForoLAC

VIDEO: Proyecto de Atención Integral a Niñas y Mujeres Migrantes/Refugiadas en Petén, Guatemala: Paso Seguro. Compered by Milka Dinev, RHSC. Detailed and comprehensive presentation of the project, presented by Helen (surname not translated) from the community project in Petén. En español with English subtitles (click on cc). YouTube, 54+ minutes