GUATEMALA – NGO integrates reproductive health supplies into migrant services in Guatemala

As the world observed World Refugee Day on 20 June 2023, the Guatemalan partner NGO TAN UX´IL of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition was helping to integrate sexual and reproductive health supplies into the migrant services offered at Petén Care Center. Petén, Guatemala. The centre is on a major transit route for Central American migrants heading to Mexico and the United States. Under the Paso Seguro initiative, two UNHCR-trained nurses have been hired, and nearly 1,500 women have received SRH services so far, a quarter of whom are aged 10-19. The supplies included 2,500 family planning products, 900 dignity kits containing items such as menstrual health pads and other basic supplies, and more than 500 emergency contraceptive pills, which were distributed in the last four months.

SOURCES: RH Supplies US, by Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition, 1 June 2023 ; RHSC web report, 15 June 2023; E-mail from Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition, 22 June 2023. PHOTO: Peten Health Guatemala