GLOBAL – Sexuality Policy Watch Round-Up 2019

As in previous years, SPW has sent out a newsletter summarising2019 with an excellent compilation of the main facts, trends, setbacks andvictories in gender and sexuality politics that marked the year, and pointingto the challenges ahead in 2020. Here are a few examples:

– The UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of humanrights defenders, Michel Forst, presentedhis reporton women´s human rights defendersin which the negative impact ofvarious factors is analyzed including anti-gender campaigns.

– In Angola, the colonial-era Penal Codecriminalization of homosexuality was struck down and a provision was approvedto criminalize discrimination based on sexual orientation.

– As it happens annually, International Women’s Day wasintensively commemorated by feminist and women’s rights activists worldwide (check our compilation).The novelty of 2019 was that, for the first time ever, anti-feminist eventshave also been registered on a visible scale inSpain, Uruguay (in Spanish) and Brazil (in Portuguese).

– In Paraguay, the Ministry of Educationissueda resolution, prohibiting teachers of public and private schools touse the Comprehensive Sexual Education Guide for its “libertarian” outlook ongender and sexuality related themes.

– In Argentina, high school students have autonomouslyorganised and published an online guide on sexuality education to deflect theanti-SexEd attacks led by anti-gender religious groups (inSpanish).

FULL REPORT: Sexuality Policy Watch, January 2020