Implementing and expanding safe abortion care: an international comparative case study of six countries

Guest editors: Antonella F Lavelanet, Brooke R Johnson Jr

IJGO Supplement Editor: Vincent Boama

International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics Supplement 2018 (30 October);143:S4

(Open access)

Realizing abortion law and policy reforms: Lessons from six country case studies

by Brooke R Johnson Jr, Antonella F Lavelanet

Implementing and expanding safe abortion care: An international comparative case study of six countries

by Wendy Chavkin, Bianca M Stifani, David Bridgman‐Packer, Jamie MS Greenberg, Mary Favier

Implementing safe abortion in Ghana: “We must tell our story and tell it well”

by Wendy Chavkin, Peter Baffoe, Koku Awoonor‐Williams

Abortion as a human right: The struggle to implement the abortion law in Colombia

by Bianca M Stifani, Laura Gil Urbano, Ana Cristina González Velez, Cristina Villarreal Velásquez

The implementation of safe abortion services in Ethiopia

by David Bridgman‐Packer, Saba Kidanemariam

“Referendum on Sunday, working group on Monday”: A success story of implementing abortion services after legalization in Portugal

by Bianca M Stifani, Duarte Vilar, Lisa Vicente

Safe abortion in South Africa: “We have wonderful laws but we don’t have people to implement those laws”

by Mary Favier, Jamie MS Greenberg, Marion Stevens

From harm reduction to legalization: The Uruguayan model for safe abortion

by Bianca M Stifani, Martin Couto, Alejandra Lopez Gomez