Filmmaker, Angèle Diabang, stresses the importance for women to have access to safe abortion following sexual violence an interview at Afrika Film Festival 2015, made this plea at a recent showing of her documentary film, “Congo, un médecin pour sauver les femmes” (« Congo, a doctor to save women »), made with the support of UN Women. She also called for the opening of a greater number of support centres for victims of sexual violence in Senegal.The film retraces the work of Doctor Denis Mukwege, a Congolese gynaecologist and human rights activist, who carries out restorative surgery at the Pangi Hospital in Bukavu, DR Congo, for women who have been raped, some of them multiple times, who have suffered serious injuries. The film aims to bring a message of hope despite the terribly conditions the women have had to cope with.“Rape as a weapon of war is found in all conflict zones, and women are the first victims,” said Dr Fatou Sow Dembel, sociologist.