FACT-CHECKING – UK anti-abortion group circulates misinformation on new abortion law of New Zealand

AFP (Agence France-Presse) is an international news agency with a new fact-checking service that posts reports on the internet.

On 1 December, they reported that a video posted on Facebook by a British anti-abortion group had been viewed 120 thousand times, which contained multiple misleading claims about New Zealand’s new abortion law. For example, the video included a false suggestion that abortion in New Zealand is “available on demand, for any reason, up to birth”. Similar claims, they say, were published in multiple other anti-abortion posts shared in the United States.

Their report states in detail what each claim says and then explains why it is false or misleading or how it omits important context, and then provides correct information.

SOURCE: AFP Fact Check, by Taylor Thompson Fuller, 1 December 2020 ; VISUAL on AFP Fact Check website