EUROPE & TEXAS, USA – A comparison of the legislation on abortion in Germany, Belgium, Texas/USA, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Sweden, and Switzerland

After presenting the situation in France, the first 20 pages of this report provides comparative information for each of the countries on:

> the conditions necessary for obtaining an abortion;

> the existence of and content of a conscience clause;

> the cost and financial support provided for under the law;

> the availability of emergency contraception;

> criminal sanctions for abortions outside the law; and

> where they are available, statistics on abortion.

A small example of the cross-country comparisons is the number of days of “reflection” required between the request for an abortion and the procedure itself, if any:

> Italy – 7 days

> Belgium – 6 days

> Germany – 3 days

> Texas – 24 hours

This is followed by detailed reports about these aspects of law and practice for each of the countries studied, with references.

The report was produced at the request of Madame Françoise Laborde, Senator from Haute-Garonne, France, Direction de l’Initiative Parlementaire et des Délégations

FULL TEXT: Législation comparée: L’interruption volontaire de grossesse, May 2017 (en français)