EUROPE – SAFE (Supporting Abortions for Everyone): new European abortion fund

“SAFE is a new abortion fund, launched in February 2023. Based in the Netherlands, the country with the easiest non-resident access to second trimester abortions, SAFE works with pro-abortion activists, networks, and providers across Europe to support access to abortions for everyone who needs or wants one.

“Abortion rights are under attack, and civic spaces in sexual and reproductive health are shrinking. SAFE was founded by Mara Clarke (founder of the Abortion Support Network in the UK) and Kasia Roszak ten Hove (a co-founder of the Abortion Network Amsterdam). SAFE is the first charity registered in mainland Europe for funding abortions.

“SAFE raises money from organisations, foundations and individuals supporting access. They distribute funds to individuals and organisations facilitating abortion access. Initially, they will work in partnership with Abortion Network Amsterdam, a group of volunteers supporting women and pregnant people to access safe abortion). In future, SAFE will work with additional existing abortion funds as well as provide seed funding and other fiscal sponsorship to new abortion funds.

“SAFE will work with abortion providers to ensure clear pathways to abortion access, whether finding clinics and hospitals who will provide abortion services to non-residents or mapping the best travel routes from one country to another.

“SAFE helps anyone regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race, ethnicity, country of origin, country of residence, spoken language, religion or belief, partnership status, disability, spoken language or immigration status.”

SOURCE: SAFE Website, 30 August 2023