DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Call for abortion law reform on 10th anniversary of Esperancita’s death 

Rosaura Almonte Hernández, called Esperancita (hope), was pregnant at age 16. She was diagnosed with leukaemia and was denied chemotherapy and an abortion that might have saved her life.At an anniversary meeting to remember her death and those of three other women, her mother and the other families demanded a revision of the criminal code, which would protect girls and women who need abortions in such cases and two other grounds.Rosa Hernández, Esperancita’s mother, whose case seeking justice for her daughter has been languishing in the national courts without progressing for nine years, presented her case to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in 2017, with relatives of several other women who have died from unsafe abortions. A decision is awaited.FULL REPORT by Women’s Link Worldwide (in Spanish): 17 August 2022