DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO – Batela Lobi Na Yo: a new helpline for SRH information

As Covid-19 has made in-person gathering unsafe, DKT International recently supported the launch of a new phone-based information centre in collaboration with the DR Congo government’s National Reproductive Health Programme (PNSR). They can be contacted via What’s App or a free phone number for information about contraception, post-abortion care, and more. Hundreds of people have already started using the service and their Facebook page is widely visited and shared, and high demand is anticipated in the future.

Their Facebook page is addressed to young people. It provides basic valuable information such as what kinds of contraceptives there are. They also announce quizzes, with prizes for the winners. Two examples of recent quiz questions were: “Why are condoms described as dual protection?” and “What is puberty?” Here was a visual that was offered for the latter:

SOURCE: DKT News & Updates, November 2020 ; Batela Lobi Na Yo on Facebook