COVID – Effects of Covid-19 virus and vaccination on pregnancy and menstrual flow

This live webinar on 1 February 2023 was about Covid 19 in women’s health and featured two speakers on:
– SARS-CoV2 infection and COVID vaccination in pregnancy
Victoria Male, PhD, UK
– Effects of COVID infection and vaccination on the menstrual cycle
Alison Edelman, MD, USA

The speakers reported the following main findings:

1. Covid vaccination does not affect fertility.
2. There is mixed evidence on Covid infection and the risk of miscarriage.
3. There is no evidence that Covid vaccines cross the placenta in pregnancy.

As regards the effects on the menstrual cycle, the following were the main findings, there was a small proportion of individuals with an 8-day or greater change in length of the menstrual cycle, which was a similar change after both one and two vaccinations. The impact on cycle length was similar for the different Covid-19 vaccines.

In a large social media self-report survey among 27,143 women with regular menstrual cycles, 14% had no change, 42% had a heavier menstrual flow and 44% did not have a heavier menstrual flow:

Take home messages from all studies:

1. Menstrual cycle length varies with and without vaccination.
2. Covid-19 vaccination is associated with a ±one-day increase in cycle length as compared to an unvaccinated individual (and some individuals experience more).
3. Changes resolve quickly within the next cycle post-vaccine.
4. Type of Covid-19 vaccine does not appear to matter re cycle length changes.
5. Data are conflicting on menstrual change due to Covid-19 infection.

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