Correction to Zika Virus Update re Brazil policy

Correction to Zika Virus Update re Brazil policy, 4 May 2016 ( by Sonia Correa, Sexuality Policy WatchIn this sombre scenario, since January, the Ministry of Social Development has been announcing that it would grant access to a social security benefit known as the BCP (in the value of one monthly minimum wage: US$ 300) for all mothers of babies affected by Zika related congenital syndrome. However, since then, the only concrete measure that has been adopted was the transfer of additional resources to states to accelerate the diagnostics of Zika infections and related effects. The extension of the BCP, however, remains a crucial component of a proper state response to the crisis. ANIS has called  for this measure  in the appeal it is preparing for the Brazilian Supreme Court in relation to the Zika crisis and its effects on women’s lives, health and reproductive rights. The core argument of the ANIS appeal is that the State failed its constitutional mandate to protect women’s health, well-being and rights and that the responsibility for the drastic effects of the crisis (including taking to term pregnancies of gravely impaired children) cannot fall on the shoulders of women.