Correction to Choices & Consequences in Ethiopian Edutainment Drama

(Link to Tigrigna version of video corrected)

This edutainment drama, produced in north-western Tigray, Ethiopia, aims to initiate discussion on youth sexual and reproductive health in relation to contraceptive use and abortion. The six main characters are secondary school students Solyana, Kibrom, Azeb, Tedy, Helen and Teamrat, who make different choices that have consequences for their future lives when entering puberty. The drama addresses gender norms that influence youth sexuality in a context where the different options of contraceptive methods and safe abortion services are actually legally available for them. Knowledge about these options is low, however, and the silence around youth sexual and reproductive health issues prevails. When sexual abstention before marriage is reinforced by the female virginity ideal, it also becomes difficult for girls to be prepared and protect themselves if sex “just happens”. This short edutainment drama also asks whether other options for being a responsible man are thinkable. The drama is financed by Norwegian Research Council/NORGLOBAL through the University of Bergen-based research project: “Competing discourses impacting girls’ and women’s rights: Fertility control and safe abortion in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia”. Research data will be generated from the discussions of the drama with youth, parents, teachers and other community members.

The edutainment drama has 38 680 views in Tigrigna version: and

3,290 views with English subtitles: