CORRECTION – Covid-19 hinders access to abortion even more in Colombia

In the 26 February 2021 Campaign newsletter, we published a summary of this publication. However, some of the data in the version we had were preliminary data and were later corrected in the final version. Specifically, in the next to the last paragraph of the text we published, we reported that Oriéntame provided more financial support for women and girls in need of abortion services in 2020 than in 2019 – and we gave the figures as 214 in 2020 compared to 141 in 2019.

In fact, between March and December 2020, Oriéntame provided financial support to 1,249 women, a significantly greater number than for the 416 women who received such support during the same period in 2019. These numbers are in the final version of this report. We have made this correction also on the Campaign’s website.