CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION – Unconscionable: When Providers Deny Abortion Care

This report summarises discussions and recommendations resulting from the global convening in 2017 on “conscientious objection” co-organised by the International Women’s Health Coalition and Mujer y Salud en Uruguay. The report will be launched today, 19 June 2018. Alongside Unconscionable, IWHC is releasing their policy brief on the refusal of care on grounds of conscience claims, with recommendations for national policymakers, international organisations, health professionals, and advocates.

IWHC say: “We have deliberated deeply the issue of the denial of care by health professionals on the grounds of conscience. Rooted in the experience of their partners on the frontlines of promoting women’s health and rights around the world and the rich discussions among diverse experts at the convening, IWHC has concluded that the refusal of care due to personal beliefs has no place in health care.”

At a time when sexual and reproductive health and rights are under attack around the globe, they call on others to join IWHC in challenging the use of conscience claims to refuse essential health care services – a threat to hard-fought gains of recent years.

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